A SAMPLING OF our mitigation solutions and


NOrth Carolina

Monteith Park Mitigation Site. WLS is currently working on the monitoring and maintenance of one of the most unique mitigation banks in the southeast U.S.  WLS staff identified the project over 7 years ago and secured an easement on a property held by a local Home Owners Association.  WLS staff partnered with the City of Charlotte and negotiated a significant increase in stream credits through the implementation of stormwater control devices for the purpose of restoring watershed hydrology in a significantly impaired watershed.  WLS staff developed the project including the planning, design assistance, development of an environmental education program, and construction oversight.  In addition, WLS staff identified and secured funding for this important project. 


Catawba Mitigation Bank. WLS is currently developing a confidential mitigation bank in the Catawba River Basin, one of the fastest growing regions of North Carolina. The proposed bank would provide over 4,000 feet of restored stream and adjacent floodplain wetlands.  The site has been proposed for development and the on-site wetlands and streams have been in poor condition for over 50 years.  The restoration of this property will provide significant water quality and habitat improvements to a quickly developing area in need of ecological improvements.


Site Development Assistance. WLS is currently providing environmental services for land development on multiple tracts within the Charlotte and Triangle regions of North Carolina.  We are working with various developers to navigate environmental regulations in the development process and identify the most cost-effective mitigation solutions available on the market.      

Edwards Full Delivery Sites:  WLS is currently working on an ecosystem restoration project for the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Mitigation Services (DMS). The project will provide compensatory mitigation for the loss of aquatic resources in the Neuse River Basin. The project is located in a DMS Targeted Local Watershed and encompasses three adjoining catchments that contain over 11,000 linear feet of headwater tributaries that flow directly to Buffalo Creek. The project will address water quality stressors by reducing excess nutrient and sediment inputs, by restoring stream and wetland functions, and by establishing riparian buffer vegetation.  Additionally, agricultural best management practices (BMPs) such as cattle exclusion fencing and water quality structures will be implemented across the project sites. These restoration efforts and conservation practices will protect aquatic resource habitat and provide maximum ecological uplift through a comprehensive watershed approach. 


SOuth Carolina

South Carolina Mitigation Bank. WLS is currently working on a confidential stream and wetland mitigation bank in South Carolina.  This project represents a unique opportunity to restore and protect streams, wetlands, and diverse habitat for a property that will be undergoing a significant land use modification.  WLS was sought out for this project because of our ability to maximize land yield while protecting our natural resources.  In addition to this project, WLS is currently permitting impacts to natural resources in this same watershed that will potentially use compensatory mitigation credits from this bank to offset impacts to streams and wetlands.    

Site Development Assistance. WLS is currently providing land development environmental services on multiple development tracts within South Carolina.  WLS is currently partnered with various developers to navigate the regulatory processes that govern development and identify the most cost effective mitigation available on the market.      



Olentangy Watershed Mitigation Bank. WLS is currently working with a land owner and local consultant to develop one of the first true stream and wetland mitigation banks in Central Ohio.  This exciting project will include a combination of multiple water quality restoration efforts and best management practices to significantly improve water quality in a highly valued watershed of the Buckeye State. 



South Texas Mitigation Bank represents an outstanding opportunity to restore a headwater stream and wetland ecosystem along an important tributary in southern Texas.  WLS is partnered with a financer and consulting firm to provide site development services for the proposed mitigation bank project.  The project will restore over a mile of 1st order stream and hundreds of acres of various wetland habitats.  

East Texas Mitigation Bank. WLS is currently working to develop a large mitigation bank in eastern Texas that would provide significant improvements to nearly 30,000 linear feet of stream, 800 acres of wetland, and several hundred acres of wildlife habitat enhancements.  WLS is partnered with a leading national consulting firm and the landowner to develop the unique site.  In addition to mitigation credits, WLS will develop multiple sources of revenue on the property to maximize land value for the landowner.

Houston-Area Mitigation Bank. WLS is currently a partner with a financier to develop a large mitigation bank outside of Houston, Texas.  This proposed bank would provide over 3 miles of restored stream and several thousand acres of wetland enhancements.  The proposed property has been in managed row crop for nearly a century.  The restoration of this several thousand acre tract will provide much needed water quality and habitat improvements to an area that has long been impacted by agriculture.