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Our team at Monteith ECO was able to find the comfort level to enter our first Mitigation Banking project by relying on the extensive industry experience and knowledge of the principals at Water and Land Solutions.  It was their thorough understanding of the industry, technical expertise and conscientious attention to detail that allowed Monteith ECO produce a successful project with good financial returns.  We will definitely include the WLS team as we look to future projects.

-Chuck Latham, Monteith ECO


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Several years ago I signed an option with another mitigation banker and as the closing date approached I became less comfortable with how the project was going to turn out.  I reached out to folks in the mitigation community and they suggested I contact Adam.  Adam reviewed all of the contract language and the project design…free of charge for us.  He was a huge help for us in understanding the next steps and what we could expect for closing and construction.  In the end, because of Adam we were able to negotiate for significantly more money for the land while reducing our risk on the construction side.

-Dean Brown, Landowner


Adam has been invaluable in assisting me and my firm for over a decade. Both he and Ashley bring a wealth of experience and a practicality to their approach that is much appreciated. Too few see the economic advantages of preserving our environment coupled with successful projects like they do. Both the regulatory agencies and our group benefit from their guidance in the wetland permitting process and the fair outcomes they produce for both groups.  Furthermore, their knowledge of the wetland regulations has allowed us to explore and benefit financially through mitigation, tax credits and conservation easements. They have completely changed our mentality to the "unwanted and useable" portions of our property as not only revitalized amenity areas as well as potential revenue sources. Our residents are the most pleased. It has been a win-win for all.

-Ken Holbrooks, Bayard Development


The stream and wetland restoration project for our neighborhood was unique in itself considering there were over 500 residents to appease.  Adam Mcintyre and Ashley Abernethy continually went above and beyond to help educate our residents and make our community as a whole feel comfortable with the restoration project in all its phases.  I’ve dealt with many vendors on a regular basis in my role as board president.  Adam and his team were unparalleled in respect to project attentiveness and relationship building.  Adam and Ashley are two good people who make it a top priority to value and listen to those they are contracted with.

-Julia Cooney, HOA Board President, Monteith Park