Water & Land Solutions (WLS) is a hybrid mitigation solutions and land management firm that incorporates expertise in mitigation banking, environmental finance, environmental consulting, land use applications, and regulatory permitting.  We use our experience and expertise to ensure land owners can maximize yield while complying with current environmental regulations.  As mitigation experts, our approach is to eliminate  inefficiencies in mitigation banking to maximize the value added for the individuals and/or entities involved in each project.  We use the latest developments in natural sciences, environmental economics, engineering, and construction to produce successful projects and maximize profits for all stakeholders by reducing inefficient expenditures.  

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For landowners, our solutions approach is to assist you in identifying and addressing the goals you have for your land.  Many landowners seek our help to maximize land value while maintaining the ability to adapt to future land use potential (i.e., development, sale, bequeathing to heirs, etc.)  Before you commit your property to a buyer, make sure you look at ALL options, as well as both present and future value potential of your land.  If you are interested in seeing what hidden value may be on your properties, contact us and let us help you discover ways to restore your aquatic resources, conserve your landscapes, and see financial returns.



Need help navigating the regulatory permitting process for a development project?  We know it's important to you that your projects meet or exceed environmental requirements.  With over 16 years of experience, we can assist you in the planning and permitting aspects of development.  We keep up with the latest regulations and the most cost-effective ways to comply so you can focus on what you do best -- developing high quality projects.  But more unique than typical environmental consultants, we find additional opportunities for generating revenue on your projects. 


Mitigation Credit Consumers

The mitigation industry has experienced significant regulatory changes over the past decade, including the 2008 Mitigation Rule as well as various state regulatory shifts and changes.  These changes include new credit types being placed on the market, increased jurisdictional ranges, and different compensation requirements for lost resources.  With expertise and experience in multiple states and US Army Corps of Engineers districts, we provide you solutions to identify the most cost-effective and time-sensitive pathway to successful mitigation credit procurement.  


Environmental Education

At WLS, we believe it is important to educate the public on the value of our natural resources.  In addition to the capital, time, and effort invested into restoration and conservation projects, WLS strives to invest in the education of the general public on the value of mitigation and land management projects.  WLS staff have extensive experience in environmental education through various outlets such as school systems, scouts, and public forums.